Clean Baked on Grime Tutorial

I bake almost all of my meat. 
I always use a little coconut oil on my meat to make it tender.
I had to learn how to clean this burned on grime off without scrubbing my knuckles off.

One day I thought about how dishwasher soap is tough on grime.
So, I put one Cascade Extra Action with the grease fighting power of Dawn Action Pac
in the pan and filled it with water. 
Just fill it as full as you need to and it will start to dissolve.
I left it in over night as I often do because it takes a little while to work good.
But, if you are in a hurry, you can let it sit a while and then scrub it. 
This is what it looks like sitting over night.
Pour the grimy water out.
Rinse well.
If there are some areas that are still stuck,
 I just scrub a little and it comes right off.
Rinse well again. 
I usually put a little liquid dish soap in and go all over it again.
Then, rinse again.
Go from this to this in no time with little effort.
Let me know if you have used this or something that works better.
Let me know if you use it and it works good for you.
Thanks for coming.
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4 thoughts on “Clean Baked on Grime Tutorial

  1. Thanks Jennifer for coming and reading the tutorial.
    If it is really burned on I put two tablets in and it works better. I hope it works for you.


  2. Great idea!! I have found if you use a dryer sheet it works well too. Maybe not as expensive either. Same concept as what you did. Place dryer sheet in glass pan, fill with hot water, soak overnight, comes clean! Thanks for sharing on SweetTalkin' Sunday! Smiles, Lisa


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