Appeal: To Save the Eyesight

Appeal to Help Save Goodwin’s eyesight.

Mr Mwanza, Goodwin and Mrs Mwanza
Goodwin Mwanza, Shelia, Tommy and Brother Phiri
My husband and I have known Goodwin Mwanza since he was an infant. While Goodwin’s family was in our town they worshiped and worked with our congregation  
His family lived in our town for three years while his Dad worked three jobs and got three college degrees. Yes, you heard right. 
After his Dad finished his education they moved back to Zambia. His Dad was a Head Master at a High School. Sounds like a high paying job. Not by the U.S.A. standards but by the Zambian standards it was a good job. 
Shortly after the Mwanza’s returned home to the Southern Province of Zambia a group of four men from our congregation traveled to Zambia on a fact finding trip. My husband asked Mr Mwanza why he did not stay in the United States. He said to him, “With the degrees you have, you could make a lot of money in the U.S.”  Mr Mwanza said,”I never intended to stay in the U.S. I only came to get my degrees. The dream that Mrs. Mwanza and I have had for a long time it to go to the Eastern Province of Zambia to evangelize it. There is a great need to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Eastern Province and that is what we plan to do.”
Since the Mwanza’s returned to Zambia a preacher training College- The Chipata Bible College-has been built in the Eastern Province of Zambia. There have been six Mission trips to the Eastern Province of Zambia.  There are 10 full time paid preachers in the Eastern Province. There are many who have graduated from the Chipata Bible College and have gone out on their own and planted churches and preach with or without pay.

Goodwin has grown in to a fine Christian young man. He is 17 years old now. He teaches the children’s Bible class at the Hills View Church that meets at the Bible College. He is the top student in his class at school. He scored in the very top on the National Test that Zambia gives all students. He wants to get an Engineering Degree from college. There is only one problem he needs surgery on one of his eyes. He has Keratoconus and he needs immediate surgery to correct it before he goes blind. You may go to this link to read more about how to help. However: Please do pray and thank you so very much.