Tutorial: How to Make a Shabby Chic Junk Gypsy Style Machine Emboridered Wedding Banner

Personalized Wedding Banner
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Matthew 19:4-6

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
And He answered and said, “Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.”
 Pick the material for your project. 
My niece picked these four colors and they worked well together. 
We decided to use this size twine for the connecting material. 
You may use ribbon or fabric. 
I chose to embroidery two or three letters at a time. 
Actually, only one stitches at a time but it saves on 
hooping material and time.
I like to stitch the outline and then measure to 
see what size I need to cut the material.
1. I decided the pattern I would use. 
2.  I cut all of the banner material and
tagged each with the letter to be stitched.
There were ten letters in this banner. 
Five for Emily and five for Blake. 
Since I am a visual person,  I organize 
the banners this way so I do not make any mistakes.
I used a stiff interfacing on the banner triangles. 
It gives them a very nice firmness.

 Trim close to stitching trying not to cut stitches.
I cut the twine 24″ long and folded it in half.
  Measure the banner in half at the top. 
This one happened to be 2 1/2″.
Just be sure to measure in case yours is a different size.
 I used scotch tape to hold the twine down for stitching.
 Put the center of the 24″ twine on the  middle mark.
 Hold the twine in the middle and stretch it to the right 
and tape outside the stitching area.
 Stretch the twine to the left and tape outside the stitching area.
Lay the first material of the triangle on the triangle shape.
 Return the hoop to the embroidery machine and stitch.
 I used Heat n Bond Lite to keep the letter material from fraying.
Follow manufacturer directions.
 Peel the backing paper off.
 Place the letter material on top of the banner triangle.
Return hoop to the machine and stitch.
Remove the hoop from the machine.
 Trim close to the stitching without clipping.
 I like to use a Sticky Lint Roller to get all the 
loose clippings off of the banner triangle.
Tape a piece of matching material  on the back of the banner triangle. 
  I top stitched the banner triangle in a coordinating thread and at the
same time it stitches the back piece of material on the banner piece.
You may do it anyway you want.
Be sure to keep your tying string out of the stitching area.
The banner triangle is ready to be removed from the embroidery hoop 

unless you are embroidering more than one letter in a hooping.
This picture is to show the contrasting color top stitch.
I prefer to spend time stitching and then trim all at once.
So, I stitch a lot of triangles and then I trim.
Be very mindful of the string for tying when you trim the triangles.
Pull the top layer back and trim the bottom layer. 
Do the same with the top layer.
Trim all sides of the triangle.
The triangles are ready to tie together to make the banner.
I used Planet Appliques Reversible Banner Pattern.
However, I altered it a little. I chose to use pinking shears to 
trim the triangles  to give it a Shabby Chic-Junk Gypsy look.
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What I Have Been Up to in the Month of January 2013

The first three weeks of January I was sick for two weeks and my husband was sick for a week.
Now it is the first week of February and my husband is sick again. Ugh!!!!
The most important thing I did was an online Bible Study. The bible study was Soul Detox and it is http://www.youversion.com
In the mean time I have been listing some Vintage things to sell.
 I was having serious withdrawals from sewing so 
I cleaned up my sewing room and 
started my machine to humming for two days.
 Then I remembered that I was going through all the 
Vintage things I have in my house and 
deciding that it is time to move them on out.
So, now you know what I have been up to in January 2013.