Burp Cloth Tutorial Directions

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Cut a 15″ by 6 1/2″ piece of material of your choice.

Press the bottom edge of the long side of the material up about 1/2″ 

Lay the diaper on the wrong side of the material.

Center the 15″ side on the diaper.
Match the bottom edge of the material that has been pressed up with the
 edge of the  diaper all the way across.

Fold the bottom material up another 1/2″ and press and pin.
The material will cover the edge of the diaper.
Stitch all the way across the diaper. It will look like this from the back.
It will look like this from the front. 
Now stitch the top part of the material to the diaper.

Fold the Side edge about 1/2″ where edges are even with the diaper.
Then fold the side material over the diaper edge. 
Pin and stitch.

Stitch close to the edge of the material.
Snip loose threads.
Fold, Press and Pin  the other side.
Now you are ready to monogram the burp cloth.
I used a wash away stabilizer that works really well. 
It leaves a fuzzy line around the stitching and it keeps the stitching looking nice after washes.
I used baseball material because the Dad is a baseball coach.
I put the date of birth to make it a special memento.
You can just put one name and it will look as good.

I will proof this and make any corrections as needed.
Leave a comment if you have any questions or if you like it.
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