Fun Things I Have Been Stitching This Week

Hello Fall and Get Ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
 Hello Fall ****Battery Operated**** Tea Light Cover
I am loving making these Tea Light Covers. All tea light covers are made with patterns from Embroidery Garden. 
They look so pretty on the sink in the bathroom. It is a wonderful night light for the bathroom or guest bedroom of your home.
The Pilgrim Lady and Man plus the leaf , turkey and Give Thanks makes a nice decoration for the bathroom or the Thanksgiving Buffet. Oh yes, why not add the apple, pumpkin and scarecrow.
 Without the tea lights.
I am starting to get in the Christmas mode as I am sewing for a Christmas Craft Show in November.
If you look close you can see the light. It is sooooo hard to photo the light and get it to look as pretty as it naturally does.
I love the little Penguin and Snowman. That was our house several winters ago.
 So cute in the bathroom or on a buffet.
 I finally got the Baby Boy Tea Light Covers finished.
 These will make a wonderful decoration for a baby’s room or baby shower.
 Sweet Baby Boy
 Baby Girl, yes the baby is the same. 

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10 thoughts on “Fun Things I Have Been Stitching This Week

  1. So creative! I love that. This is a craft I've never seen, and I just adore the Little Prince ones (not surprising since my only grandchildren are two grandsons!).

    Have a lovely weekend! Feel free to come on by and join the GRAND Social linky at my place on Monday.


  2. Sheila these are all so cute! What is the white material you use to make them with? It is flame retardant? I am just curious why they don't burn from the tea light? I want every single one of them! And the sewing machine that lets you make them! So cute!


  3. These are adorable, and so clever!! You are so talented. I want one of each. LOL Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. I love seeing your great projects. Have a wonderful week. 🙂


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