Have You Ever Taken a Sabbatical?

Please continue to visit my blog  as I take a Sabbatical.

sabbatical is an extended time of rest—modeled on the Sabbath day—in which you take a long block of time to focus on something other than your career.  
This will not be a restful Sabbatical. However, it will be a work that is devoted to God.
The concept of a sabbatical is rooted in scripture.  
Starting in Genesis , God illustrates the natural rhythm of six days working, one day off. 
Later, in Leviticus  the Israelites are told to let the land rest one year out of every seven. 
During the seventh year, they’re allowed to eat what the land produces, but they must let it grow wild.  http://www.gospel.com/blog
I believe when I return I will have deeper and more meaningful blogs to post.
Thanks to everyone who is following me and continues to come to my blog for a visit.
I pray God’s blessing on each one.
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