My First Ever Give Away To Celebrate A MileStone

The Prize Will Be Winners Choice of One Sparkly Base Animal Print Key Chain/Fob

Only open to viewers in the U.S.A at this time.

These Key Chain/Fobs can be found on my Etsy site(Click Here)

I started my blog in 2008.
However, I never stuck with it until 2012.
I decided it was time to get serious about it.
I still have a hard time blogging every day.
As a matter of fact I have not ever blogged more than two or three days in a row.
I realized I have passed 3000 (which is about 1000 a month) views.
I decided to have a give away when I hit 5000 views.

Just a couple of rules for the give away. Well maybe three.
1. Please follow my blog.(Click Here)
2. Please like my embroidery Face Book Page.(Click Here)
3. Please leave a comment answering the following question.

What do you like best about this blog and what would you change?
The winner will be picked from the comments. 
Thanks so much for helping me reach 5000 views. I hope it has blessed your day.
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15 thoughts on “My First Ever Give Away To Celebrate A MileStone

  1. Please Follow me on Blogger.
    Please like me on my Facebook page.
    Just answer the question above.
    As soon as I hit 5000 views I will pick a winner.
    Good Luck.


  2. Hello! I love the verses you add to your blog. It seems you post them as I need to read them. As far as changing anything. I would not make a suggestion. A blog is the reflection of the person blogging. It is not for others to make determinations on what should or should not be included. If you love your blog, others will love it too. As I do!! Have a wonderful weekend. And how exciting to reach 5000 views!! Congrats!!


  3. Hi sweet Sheila!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! As for changes…my feeling is that your blog is yours alone to change, experiment and enjoy. You can post without obligation and enjoy all the more 🙂 I love posting most every day except for Friday and Saturday evenings but to choose what works for you and your schedule is the beauty of blogging!! I wish you many more posts and readers to come….hugs and love, Dawn


  4. Thanks Lisa for taking the time to stop in and comment. I appreciate you advice.
    As far as what I blog; I try to let God work through me. It is His words I am borrowing. Blessings to you!


  5. I follow you on Blogger and I always look forward to your post. You have such a sweet giving Spirit. Thanks for leaving a comment and I do appreciate your advice.
    Blessings and Keep up the wonderful, peaceful work that you do. Shelia


  6. Ms. Sheila – I love the inspirational blogs. It is so nice to reconnect with you. I enjoyed seeing a picture of you with your son. Terry


  7. Thank you so much. I am thankful we have reconnected too. The picture is priceless. It is a rare occasion. I feel truly blessed. Watch your mail for the package. Love you


  8. Congratulations on working toward the 5000! The only advice that I can think of that might help is that your views might increase if you took away the word verifier.


  9. Thanks for the invite and comment on my baby stuff!
    I like that you share God and your faith! I would make sure you have a blog email to attach to your profile…that way when you comment on blogs it makes it easier for the person to respond to you!


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